Our job is helping injured people realize their brighter future. T. Gabe Houston is the founding member of Houston Law of California, PC, a law firm devoted to compassionately helping injured people. Gabe helps injured innocent victims who have been hurt due to the carelessness of others. Our clients have suffered catastrophic personal injury, typically by defective products, dangerous properties or other negligent people, or have been injured on an airline or by a doctor or hospital. Houston Law of California also represents clients in cases involving Civil RICO and Qui Tam/Whistleblower matters.


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My mother was in a very serious car accident, the police said she was at fault. In the hospital ICU, I was able to talk to the responding officer. The officers' description of the accident however, struck me as inconclusive and actually like the other party may be at fault. I contacted Mr. Houston. He was able to argue the accident was due to the other party and aggressively pursued a settlement. We settled for the maximum payout (a very large sum) and a check was in hand within 6 moths. We were prepared to wait years. My mother was able to move forward in her recovery without being burdened by lengthy litigation

Gabe M.

I highly reccomend mr. Houston. He is very knowledgeable. I could have not done it without his help and patience. He help me prove my rights and believed in me!


I was lucky enough to have attorney Gabe Houston represent me in a personal civil matter. He was courteous and knowledgeable and went the extra mile to investigate the situation and actually drove to the location on his own initiative. He did his research thoroughly and was completely attentive at trial. By the time it was our turn, he had already sized up the situation and knew exactly what the outcome would be! He has become a friend and was introduced to me through a dear friend who was an excellent litigator, may she rest in peace. You can't go wrong with Gabe, because, unlike most attorneys, he is very professional and courteous but also a winner!

N. Ismail